What are some tips for writing my copy?


In the title, give the buyer a quick snapshot of what the product is and who is providing it. Titles appear on the homepage and should be written with descriptive phrases to entice customers to click in. For example, “Learn About Marine Life: Walk on the Beach with Naturalist John Smith” is better than “Learn from Naturalist John Smith” or “Learn About Marine Life,” because the first title identifies the luminary’s qualifications and tells members what you’ll be doing.



The hook appears below the title on the product page. Use this section to offer a brief, enticing preview into what the customer can expect during the experience.

Main Description

Consider this section the storytelling portion of your page. At a minimum, you’ll want to give an overview of what the experience entails. Consider using your bulleted details (see item 4) as an outline. It might be helpful to lead with the expertise/accolades of the luminary or the coolest part of the experience. This is your chance to do a bit of selling. For example, “we’ll go on a hike” is not as inviting and exclusive as “we’ll explore a secret trail in Muir Woods, where you can get an excellent view of the redwoods.” Try to use evocative language and complete sentences that will get the person excited about purchasing the experience. Do remember to set accurate expectations and try to avoid generalizing (i.e. don’t promise that the customer will have “the best time of your life!”).


The details section should be an overview of exactly what the customer will receive in a bulleted list format. Most likely, you’ll repeat key elements from the Title and Main Description as needed; customers tend to read the Details immediately after checking the Title. Bullets should be clear and each one should convey just one feature of the experience (e.g. -Admission for 1 to the museum, as opposed to -Admission for 1 to the museum and the after-party).


Fine Print

This is where you should put any restrictions and information that the customer might need to know about. For example: age restrictions, weather contingencies, gratuity details, and anything not included in the price that will be required for the experience to take place (e.g., Supplies not included).