What makes a good photo?

How do I get a great photo for my Listing or profile photo?

  • As a rule of thumb, taking a photo in a well-lit place will result in a higher quality picture.
  • The quality of a photo has a direct correlation to the quality of the camera.  While your iPhone camera will take a perfectly fine picture, if you can borrow a friend’s DSLR you’ll get an even better result.

  • Think about the context of the photo. If you’re a chef and the picture has nothing to do with food or cooking, it may not help the viewer get a feel for your experience.

  • If the experience is an activity, an action shot is always better than something stationary. If the customer can see you in  action, it creates a stronger image in their mind.

  • Images that include people are always preferable and tend to sell better than images of things.
  • An uncluttered background puts you and your activity in striking focus and will be more impactful in conveying your experience.
  • Think like a cinematographer. Consider including an establishing shot to showcase the setting as well as a combination of closeups and vignettes to show inviting and evocative details.
  • Put yourself front and center in photos.
  • Candid and natural looking shots are always preferred to staged portraits.

Still stuck? Create a pinboard of images of your favorite ad campaigns, blogs, and magazines to get some inspiration.