How can I market myself successfully?

Exposure is key! Post a link to your social media followers, send an email to your audience, and include link(s) to your IfOnly experiences on your website and/or blog to generate interest in your offerings.


Expand your reach on social media. If you’re able to get a customer to tweet or post on Facebook/Instagram about your experience, you will instantly expand your exposure to their circle of friends. Ask them to tag @IfOnly and your business. You may also consider reaching out to your favorite bloggers and other social media influencers in your field.

Suggested Social Messaging:

Suggestion 1: Announce that you now have a profile and experiences on IfOnly! Insert sample post and direct them to you IfOnly page.

Sample post: "Check out my awesome experiences for sale on IfOnly, they benefit a great cause. (Link)"

Suggestion 2: If you think your experience would make a great gift, or is perfect for a specific occasion, let your followers/customers/subscribers know:

Sample post: "Looking for a fun way to spend the weekend, join me in (location) to learn/discover/access ... (Link)"
Sample post: "Christmas is coming, my IfOnly experiences make the perfect gifts. (Link)"

Suggestion 3: Tag @IfOnly in your posts and encourage your customers to share about their experiences on their accounts.


Send an email to your audience letting them know that you now sell experiences on IfOnly with a link to your page.

Example email: "Hello everyone, I am excited to announce that I am now an IfOnly Luminary. I've joined hundreds of other top talents in (city) to offer awesome experiences. I am offering (experience name), and I hope that you get a chance to share these experiences with your friends, family or co-workers. Here is a link to my shop on IfOnly: (link)"


Post a static link to your IfOnly page on your blog or website.

Example: "Check out my experiences for sale on IfOnly. (Link)"