How do open auctions work?

All open auctions end at the time specified on the Experience Listing. At that time, the highest bidder whose bid has received credit card authorization wins the auction.

As a general rule, you cannot retract or cancel a bid once placed. You are responsible for reading the full listing before making any bid. By bidding, you agree that you are entering into a legally binding contract to pay for that auction item if you are the winner. You may increase your bid at any time, and you will not be charged unless you are deemed the winner.

Immediately following your bid, Traina Interactive will authorize your credit card for the full amount of your bid (“credit card authorization”). This credit card authorization will be held (but not charged) until you are no longer one of the top three bidders. We void all the authorizations after auction closed in 15 minutes maximum except for the winner's. Note that your authorization may take up to 5 business days to release based on your bank’s processing times. 

After the auction is complete, IfOnly will charge you the full amount of your highest bid only if you are the auction winner with the winning bid amount. Please consider your bids carefully before placing them.