What is my To-Do List? How does it work?

Your To-Do List will walk you through the next steps to fulfill a purchased product after a sale. If you’ve sold an experience, your first step is to confirm the date, time and, if applicable, location of the experience.* Your second step will be to create an itinerary to send to your customers so they can look forward to it. Your final step is to show up on time and provide a wonderful experience!

If you’ve sold a physical good, the steps on your To-Do List will walk you through packaging it with an itemized packing slip and shipping product with the right shipping label. If you’ve offered to customize your product, an inscription message will be added to a “Personalize” step in your To-Do List along with a “Double Check” step to remind you to confirm your spelling is correct.

* Once you complete this step, the experience is considered booked, which means 50% of your payment will begin to be processed. The remaining 50% of your payment will be processed after you’ve completed the experience with your customer.