What if I need to reschedule an experience purchased by a customer? In other words, can I negotiate the date or time of an experience with a customer?

IfOnly assumes that you will confirm dates and times of the experiences you list on our site since customers are able to purchase them based on the availability you configured in your availability calendar. (Likewise, a customer is only able to specify a location if you have indicated that you will travel for your experience and set up a travel range in the product builder).

However, IfOnly understands that unforeseen circumstances may prevent you from providing an experience you intended to offer and seeks to protect luminaries in these exceptional cases. In the case that you need to decline to confirm a date and time of an experience purchased by a customer, IfOnly provides you with a way to reschedule with your customer using the IfOnly booking system. To begin the negotiation process about a new date and time:

1. Click the experience that needs to be rescheduled in your To-Do List.

2. In the Schedule tab of the Next Steps section, click the X to decline (rather than confirm) the date and time of the experience.

3. Update your availability calendar, and click the green UPDATE CALENDAR button below your calendar to confirm you’ve updated your calendar. The next tab will automatically open. If you specified that you would travel for your experience, your next step will be to confirm or deny the customer’s location. If not, your next step will be to Preview Your Response.

4. Preview the response that will be sent to your customer. You may notice that this response is already written and cannot be edited. It also includes an image of your updated availability calendar which will be embedded in the message you send to your customer as an interactive widget, enabling them to select a new date and time based on your updates.

5. Send your response to your customer by clicking the green PROPOSE AN ALTERNATIVE  button at the bottom of the message. This message will be sent to your customer via email and added as a new conversation to their Conversations section. When your customer responds, you will see their response logged in your Conversations and receive an email as well.

Note: You may notice that this process results in a pre-written response from you. You need to generate a formal pre-written response from the To-Do List when attempting to negotiate a new date/time and/or location with your customer because it goes through our booking system. While it’s fine if you’d like to send additional messages to your customer in Conversations, a casual reschedule or relocation discussion will not confirm the purchase and mark it as booked by our platform. You want to use the booking system so that your payment will be begin to be processed automatically after your confirmation and to keep your calendar up-to-date among other things.