Quick Guide to IfOnly Fulfillment

Congratulations, you’ve made a sale on IfOnly! There are a few action steps you need to take after a sale in order to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience for both yourself and the buyer.


Making a sale

After you make a sale you will get an email from IfOnly letting you know. Congratulations! The next time you log in after making a sale, if you have anything outstanding on your To-Do List you will see a red circle under your “My Shop” icon. All of your next steps can be accessed from this tab.



Accepting the sale

If your event is schedulable you will have to accept a date/time before a sale is confirmed. A guest is able to request a date/time off of your Availability Calendar when they purchase the experience, or at any other time after the sale has been made. In the To-Do list you’ll see a list of all of your sales that require action items. To accept the details of the order, click on any of your sales to see an expanded view of the request, including any variables such as number of people, location, duration, or version that you may have set up in your listing.


If you’re happy with the details provided, press accept on all confirmation windows and the experience will be confirmed. If you decline an aspect of the experience, you will be able to suggest a replacement (i.e. a new time or location). The buyer will receive the change request and can accept or decline the change. Once the experience has been mutually accepted, the first 50% of your payment will be triggered.



At any point in this process you can communicate with the buyer using IfOnly’s Conversations tool, which acts like an instant messenger. Use this to discuss details of the experience, send the buyer any relevant documents they may need to fill out before the experience, or get any required information such as dietary restrictions.


When you receive a message through conversations you will receive an email. Please make your best effort to reply quickly, as waiting too long could lose you the sale!


Fill out an itinerary

After confirming the details of an experience, you will have to fill out an itinerary giving the buyer an outline of what will happen the day-of the experience and any relevant information they might need.



At the top of the itinerary section you’ll see a repeat of the details that you agreed to when accepting the experience. If you’ve already made an itinerary for this experience in the past, you can reuse the template using the dropdown to save yourself time - but make sure that you check for any differences and update the itinerary accordingly.


Before the event is a space to give any information the buyer might need to know or prepare before the event. If you have any special instructions for the buyer or if you need them to prepare anything for the event, this would be the place to lay it out. This is also a great place to tell guests what they need to bring with them, where to meet them, or things to be aware of.



The location section shows the guest the agreed upon location of the experience and allows you to send the buyer a map of the location with public transit and parking displayed.



The timeline is where you go over what actually happens during the experience. Add steps to give a complete timeline of what happens at each point of the experience, especially if your experience involves moving around between locations or multiple components. You will need to enter information into the title box and, if desired, more information can be added in the comment box below.



Please give your guests contact information for the day of the event, as it allows the guest to quickly get in touch with you should they have any trouble.



Finally, at the bottom of the itinerary you’ll see the details from your listing and your Luminary biography. Once your itinerary is finished, press the green save button to see a preview of your completed itinerary. Scroll to the bottom and press the green “Send Now” button to complete your itinerary and send it to your guest. Your itinerary will be sent automatically to your customer 7 days prior to the event, and again the day before the event.


Fulfill the experience and get paid!

On the day of the experience make sure you’re on time and ready for your guest when the experience starts. And of course, be sure to have fun! If you're not sure when to expect your payout, check out our When do I get paid? FAQ.