Tips on How to Manage Your Shop

After launching, your experience will be available to purchase for anybody browsing IfOnly. Successfully interacting with your guests is critical to get good reviews and repeat business. 



When a buyer reaches out through conversations —whether you have a sale with them or not— responding quickly creates a much better customer experience. This is especially true when you receive a booking request; a fast acceptance confirms the sale and begins the process of paying you for the experience. Please reply as quickly as possible, ideally within 24 hours. If you do not reply within three days somebody from the IfOnly team will reach out.


Experience Availability

You should aim to have your availability calendar as accurate as possible. It's frustrating for guests to try booking a time and get rejected, so where possible block times where you will never be available off of your calendar. You can also add vacation days to block off groups of days without affecting your overall schedule.


Maintaining Your Listings 

You are able to edit your listings until the point of your first sale. You are free to make changes to your listing, such as updating the location or adding more precise details. After your first sale, you will be limited to editing your scheduling and pricing information. If you need to make any additional changes after your first sale, please email Please note, only minor tweaks will be accepted. 


It generally is good practice to deactivate listings that you no longer wish to sell. You can do so by pressing the "My Shop" button at the top right side of the screen after logging in and clicking on "DEACTIVATE" text in the experience tile. After deactivating, you will still be expected to fulfill any outstanding orders. You can immediately reactivate your experience in the same way whenever you are ready.