How do I create a good biography? Should I make it for myself or my business?

Biography Copy

Your biography should be written in the third person and give the buyer a sense of your qualifications, experience, and/or expertise. You should explicitly talk about any accolades, awards, training, or education that you would want potential buyers to know. This will help establish your credibility and make your listing more appealing.


Biography Photo

Your photo is how you represent yourself on IfOnly. Choose a well lit, professional looking photo as it will be shown on all of your product pages. If you would like to use a logo, make sure that it fits in the circle that comes up contains your entire logo or else it will be cut off.


Should I make my name and bio my business or myself?

You can make your profile either for yourself or your business. We generally recommend making it your business if you are selling the experience through your business and yourself if you're acting as an individual, but as long as it matches your listings you may go with your preference.